And so, the Sea

Ocean City, NJ June 2020

And so, the Sea

Once there was a water world,
and in its reflected blue came green,
then bright flowers and bees who hovered
attracted to their hues–

while we swam and slithered
to shore to spawn,
and tarried there a while,

fins became fingers,
feet left tracks on the beach–but

we’ve always heard the sea’s song,
not a siren call, but a tune synchronized
to heart rhythms

beat to beat
floating in the womb
in echo of our ocean birth,

we live called to water,
and so, the tide rises,
with a wave, the sea reclaims us.

For dVerse, Tuesday Poetics—the four elements.

64 thoughts on “And so, the Sea

  1. I read somewhere that the salt content of our blood exactly matches that of the ocean. I don’t know whether that’s strictly true or not, but it feels true, doesn’t it?


  2. Brilliant, Merril!
    You brought this piece home!

    I’m so busy.. I always want to come here, but
    but now it’s the EMMYS voting season.
    I watched hours and hours, close to 200 of the 8 hundred and something shows that were vying for noms, in May and June.
    I did my nom choices. Now, Only a few of the shows I nominated got actual noms. So, now I’m watching so much TV, I look in the mirror and see a TV screen.

    Anyway, it’s over in a week. I’m doing my best.

  3. Your last stanza is killer–“we live called to water”, and love the notion of “beat to beat, floating in the womb, in echo of our ocean birth”. I have tried many times to do justice to our metamorphosis, and failed; your perspective is flawless.

  4. This is wonderful. I like how it starts off as a scene of evolution spanning millions of years. The last three verses are like a sort of collective nostalgia. The whole idea is great, and written so well.

  5. What a beautiful flow of phrases, so thoughtfully rendered, leading up to a finale of an ending. I especially was drawn to this….
    “we’ve always heard the sea’s song,
    not a siren call, but a tune synchronized
    to heart rhythms”.

  6. I find this deeply disturbing, as if fins to fingers and back into the rising sea (with melting icecaps?) has taken such a little time… which in the grand scheme of things it has… but let us be comforted by the poetic cameraderie we are sharing and conscious of sharing, lit by life’s brief candle – a very lovely candle…
    And enjoying the amber artistry of the cocktail on your website!

  7. You know that I am a water person and that I love the sea. As in life, the tides rise and fall. I like how you have pulled together so many elements in this poem; you have captured a sea of many things one line/wave at a time!

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