Shadows and Light

Reflection, Odilon Redon

Shadows and Light

Who—if not my shadow—
recalls the honeyed light

when the black-dressed sky
scorns even diamond studs?

She asks–says please—
the fiddler plays
to owl-wings’ whispered beat

and then, the moon chimes a lullaby
through prismatic clouds,

while below ghosts dance
in the shadows cast

to vanish with the robin’s chirp
in the dawn’s sharp radish sky.

It took a couple tries with the Oracle. She waited until I was really focusing. 😏

30 thoughts on “Shadows and Light

  1. I had two visits because the first one I used the old set of words by mistake and got a strange poem. I went back and looked at the new set, and lo and behold, I got the same poem as yours (the first one was like Kerfe’s). Shadows and the fiddler were among the words, but we also had owls and that red bird, which weren’t.

  2. The shadow and the dancing ghost…they are traveling through all of ours I think. Jane is right, though, her second one and yours reflect each other, while her first one is more attuned to mine. It’s a restless and strange time. (K)

  3. I keep coming back to the first two lines:
    Who—if not my shadow—
    recalls the honeyed light

    Something sensuous about those lines. So you were having trouble focusing? I’m very unfocused these days, but, when it comes to reading and writing poetry, I think that’s okay 🙂

  4. This is magical, and perfectly paired with Redon. I find so much inspiration in his art, and I feel like this poem might have evoked his palette even if you hadn’t posted the image!

  5. The miracle of the Oracle + Merril = wisdom poetry.
    It’s always a treat. to read your poems, Merril.

    OH, where should I send people to buy your book(s)?
    You know, for at the end of my review.
    Amazon & Nightingale and Sparrow?
    Also, may I use your “About Page” at the end of “River Ghosts” with the black & white photo of you?

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