I have more to say about shadows and light

Monday Morning Musings:

Reflections on the river. Red Bank Battlefield

I have more to say about shadows and light and . . .

age-old questions. The chicken or the egg?
The egg, of course. But before that?

Look! A little rainbow in the clouds.

How about light?
It was there before stars, scientists say,
as they inquire and test,
while I’m left—simply pondering

the quantum strings and shades of black-and-white.
How to describe such ancient light
in that time before? Then move on–

have you considered our volcanic existence,
how we erupted from the sea
from stellar grit to ammonite then pinniped? In a blink,
or a flutter

of butterfly’s wing—the randomness, the chaos,
dust to mud,
a hurricane—

where does summer hide when winter’s cold winds blow?

My thoughts are far from towering, I confess,
reflections on riddles, the stuff of dreams—foretell and forget–

a leap into the unknown, but sweep away the cobwebs,
what is left?
Nothing dashing, impressive—more like Alice tumbling down the rabbit hole.

But really, where do the fawn’s spots go? How long can a heron stand
so quiet and still?

Sit awhile in on the hill. Do you see?
The way it glows. The way the shadows caress its curves? Do you feel how
the breeze kisses your cheek so tenderly like a mother?

Listen as the river sings the song of what is and what might be.

Now the geese float atop cotton ball clouds in the mirrored blue, sailing
on light, through shadows, into tomorrow—

the place of questions, dreams, and shadows.
But for shadows to exist, there must also be light,
and so again, we begin.

Sunrise over the Delaware River, August

I’m posting early today with something a bit different. I actually wrote most of this yesterday, and I used Jane’s Random Words

We had beautiful weather for the past week. Today it’s very humid with some rain and possible thunderstorms. It feels icky (a precise scientific term) outside right now.

We went to Vino and Vibes at William Heritage Winery with friends on Thursday night. It was a beautiful evening—perfect weather and company (and wine). We’re watching the second season of For all Mankind.

36 thoughts on “I have more to say about shadows and light

  1. You often write about reflections, and when you compose a piece about shadows and light, I am again reminded that I live with a man obsessed with those elements, a man who almost crashed into a guard-rail, distracted by the shadows and light glinting off a downtown skyscraper. Shadows show the presence of light, a good thought for Monday morning. Thanks, Merril. 😀

  2. I love it when you go down the rabbit hole 😉 These are questions we asked when we were children and never got satisfactory answers. Now we are adults but we should keep asking. Asking brings us closer to the universe.

  3. I always think, these are her best musings, yet! Then “yet”, yet happens again.
    Great pics, deep thoughts and entertainment, thank you, Merril!

    Speaking of deep, I finished River Ghosts. I’ve probably read it 2.5 times, the way I was going back and forth, reading, rereading.
    Should have a review… Resa style, lol, in a week or so.

    Thank goodness Emmy voting is over! Way too many Marvel & Sci-Fi’s to watch so I could vote, honestly. However, many great discoveries. “Inventing Anna” was a huge surprise to me.

    • That is very kind about my musings and my book! Thank you so much!!!

      I’m not into Marvel and Super hero stuff (with a very exceptions. The Umbrella Academy is cute. I do like some sci-fi.
      But Inventing Anna was wonderful. It seems like it’s been a long time already since I watched it. 😏 I’ve loved Julia Garner in everything I’ve seen her in, but she got to be very different and without her curls in this.

      • Welcome!
        I’m not sure what I know JG from, but she sure is great in Inventing Anna!
        Have you watched “What We Do In The Shadows”?
        I was resisting. I mean a comedy about vampires? 🙄 It is hilarious!
        I had to watch it because they were up for Best Comedy, and Best Costumes in a Fantasy or Sci-Fi program. Pleasantly laughing!

      • We first saw her in The Americans, then Ozark, and in a movie The Assistant. I recommend all of them. 🙂
        I think we watched an episode of What we do in the Shadows when it first came out and didn’t really like it, but I’m not sure. I looks like it’s on Hulu, and we don’t have Hulu. . .

      • Thank you! Your recommendations are welcome.
        I set the review to post at 4:00 am. I find that gives our European friends an early start, just before we wake up.

  4. I have to agree with Kerfe, this whole poem felt serene, even in the posing of those unanswerable questions. Things to muse on and wonder and really, to accept as what is. Beautifully done. (as per 😉 )

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