My favorite time of day

Dreamy sky, morning moon

My favorite time of day–

coffee-scented kitchen,
breakfast-fed cat licks his paws,

no human voices,
only star-songs’ glittering traces,
and moon-hums.

She dream-drifts
on cotton candy clouds–
gives a crescent grin,
and I grin back,
the dawn a bright-feathered promise—

crows wake with clatter-clamoring caws,
just so, they say.

A quadrille for dVerse.

57 thoughts on “My favorite time of day

  1. I like it all, mornings are a better part of the day sometimes. I also like your hyphenated word use, especially the really clever “dream-drift”. Perfect for candy cotton clouds (I like them too, whatever they are. I think they may be pillow clouds).

  2. I feel the exact same way (although I have no cat), but sitting on the front porch at 6:15 a.m., alone, listening to the birds, watching the soft clouds linger above me, feeling the summer breeze. (Oh, and sipping on my lemon-scented tea.) Ahhhh. But you say/write it much better. ❤

  3. I was very much with you in your morning ritual. Deep breath, inhale coffee, whatever is on the breeze; the quiet, interspersed with nature’s music…. Now I wanna go back to Prattsville 😉

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