The Tiny House

The Tiny House

The tiny house is unoccupied,
the dreams of the former occupants
grew too large–
they burst through windows
and drifted out the chimney.

But the walls hold their memories–
look carefully and you’ll see them,
colored tendrils, and small green vines
that twine in the shadows.

They left it all for the new owners—
dreams in the dust motes and memories
scattered like rugs,
they may bubble up like the champagne
they also left. So very thoughtful.

Tiny House by Claudia McGill, a gift from when we met in person recently

23 thoughts on “The Tiny House

  1. This is absolutely delightful, Merril! I love the idea of the dreams growing too large for the family but that their memories remained. Such a lovely view of a house’s stories.

  2. Dreams are, lwft behind by the, former, residents, which, makes no more, exrra room for the next set of homeowners, and, the new homeowner, are, forced to, live someone else’s, dreams, and, that will become, problematic eventually…

  3. Both the gift and the poem are lovely. I love the idea of a house becoming tiny because the owners’ dreams become big and the dreams continue to “bubble up” even after the owners are gone.

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