Don’t Ask the Moon

Odilon Redon, The Boat

Don’t Ask the Moon

Imagine the world without
the cycles of dawn’s kiss planted on a sheet of blue,
and evening’s fish with their scale-scattered glimmer
lighting the indigo sea and shimmering on the river.

I wonder if there was a was–
or color or light–
before what came before such things

as bird and bee-breathed blooms,
a blanket of daffodils laid upon the grass,
and the song of the wind in the trees, or frost flowers’
blossoming clouds of white,

but the moon says, “Don’t ask. Behold! You know.”

I had a hard time focusing on the Oracle this morning–and, well, she and the moon work together. I think this is a new to me Redon, too.

31 thoughts on “Don’t Ask the Moon

  1. Our three poems (and their art) are, once again, all of a piece. “I wonder if there was a was…” We do seem to have lost it. The moon’s words seem to fit right into “Teach Your Children” too. (K)

  2. Such lovely images, and the Redon is new to me too. Such vibrant blues!
    What’s funny this time is the similarity of the words and images we use, like white, blooms, ship, that cloud of white blossom, for me at least, weren’t words on the Oracle’s list.

  3. Wow! This is wonderful, Merril! Struggle? Lack of focus? I’d love to lack to this extent 😉 And it’s the first time I see you use this Redon… Perfect pairing.

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