September Says

Mary Hiester Reid, A Garden in September

September Says (in memoriam)

it follows, but perhaps it leads—
a season beneath a season,

the after-summer
and before fall tumbles into darkness.

Now shadows dance in spotlights,
and green branches are tipped with gold,

gardens are filled with flowers that know
the secrets of bees–

wisely they shake heads dyed indigo, gold,
and scarlet—it is a bird Eden, a squirrel pantry–

and if the river asks,
you breath in its blue mystery,

taste its layers, as it unfolds time
like a peony, seed to dust again and again.

My poem from the Oracle, who knows everything. She knows how beautiful September is right now in my part of the world. She also must know that yesterday I heard from my cousins that their mother, my aunt (my mother’s sister-in-law) had died the night before. It made me think about how my mom had died in April when the sky was also bright blue, and the spring flowers were blooming. So, this is not exactly a tribute to my aunt—but in her memory, a reflection of sorts on life and death and beauty.

34 thoughts on “September Says

  1. This is full of emotion. It made me think of how deeply and unexpectedly I felt my uncle and aunt’s passing last year–the last of that generation in my family. My condolences.

    We are all thinking of time. As the changing of the seasons requires. (K)

  2. This is truly lovely and perfectly describes September – the most in-between month, in my opinion.
    It is lovely that the Oracle knew to turn it slightly so that you could incorporate your loss, for which I offer you my condolences.

  3. Thank you for sharing the beauty of September in your part of the world, Merril. I am sure it is as beautiful as your verse. Your words tinged with sadness bring home the fact that beauty like life is fragile.
    Please accept my condolences.

  4. A brilliant and moving poem, by you and the Oracle.
    The painting is luscious gorgeous. Thank you, Merril.
    It’s always sad to hear about losing loved ones. Condolences! 💙

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