Vulture near the Delaware River


Now, the season of in-between
the summer heat dims, the vultures soar
wind-embraced through clouds to blue–
no evil or good in their birds’ eye view
above the trees, across the shore,
circling death, cleaning the scene.

For dVerse Open Link Night.
I was inspired by Sarah’s elegant response to Punam’s prompt. I decided to write a sestain, as well.
6 lines, ABCCBA

And I saw vultures today. 🙂

60 thoughts on “Vultures

  1. Lovely, Merril. How true there’s “no evil or good in their birds’ eye view.” Birds do what birds gotta do. You know, I think I read an essay (?) about vultures, making the point of how much we need them because they do what they do: “circling death, cleaning the scene.”

  2. “circling death, cleaning the scene.” – very evocative, Merril. How interesting that you saw a vulture today too 🙂 I think people find them spooky because of their strange hunched over necks, as well as the fact that they pick bones clean.

  3. “circling death, cleaning the scene” says it all. I like the economy in this,a lot said in a few words, which of course is poetry, but it’s hard to do well, as you’ve done here…JIM

  4. I like the sound and feel of “the season of in-between.” I also enjoy the combined ideas of good and evil not seen from a distance, and also not seen or judged in death by the bird there to clean up.

  5. There’s a colony of turkey vultures in a wild area by the lake in my Florida town — on windy winter afternoons they love to spiral en masse on the breeze — such lovely animals — “cleaning the scene” indeed.

      • I have the WORST time following people on my phone but as soon as I’m able to go to town to use the WiFi on my computer, I’m going to follow your blog and reading more. I have a farm in the mountains and we don’t have wifi out here ☺️. I have to run to town for horse feed anyway and I have a bunch of errands to tackle so I’ll bring my laptop with me.

      • You’d be surprised how much more enjoyable it is without it. I read a LOT, I download books, podcasts, audio books and occasionally TV shows whenever I’m in town. The rest of the time, I’m too busy anyway. Tackling farm chores, gardening, clearing land, stacking wood, cleaning, and getting cozy with my husband by the wood burning stove in our living room. It’s peace out here. No neighbors and if I’m lucky I get one or two bars of LTE on my phone to pull up Facebook and WordPress ☺️🥰. Shutting everything off is amazing

      • I write and then hit up the local coffee shop to connect. I schedule my time around that. As for farm chores… there’s something incredibly satisfying about farm chores. I get to work on my horse and give him love, say hello to my donkey, feed the kitties, take care of the dogs and chickens (and the goose). when I’m done there’s the sound of satisfied bellies and thankful hearts. I get to take hikes on my own property, watch the seasons change, and sew wildflowers to cut and make others happy with. It’s a beautiful life in my opinion. It’s incredibly busy and it’s not for everyone but it’s certainly for me 🥰

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