A Reason for Cliché

A Reason for the Cliché

We track its phases,
cockeyed grin to full-faced smile,

worm to strawberry,
becomes a wolf,

its changing form a constant
reflecting the sun, lighting the night
guiding owls and tides,

with silvered gleam, it sings
lullabies for the sleepless,
a source of poets’ dreams.

A quadrille for my dVerse prompt. The prompt word is track.

73 thoughts on “A Reason for Cliché

  1. I howl at full moon; grow fangs and bite ladies on the neck.
    The skies, “Falling Stars” are active in October and the first days of November, the Orionids meteorites.
    Thanks for the nice prompt, I had a honey-do favor to perform in the middle of my write and then also the BIL called just as I was ready to post.

  2. I like the part about lullabies. Ever since I was very young I’ve felt the moon looks out for me at night and I still feel reassured, as I did then, when I wake up at night and it’s there to guide me back to sleep.

  3. Your poem brings to mind a long-ago discussion by one of my writing or lit professors that cliches become cliches for a reason. Now that I think about it, the moon appears quite a bit in my recent fiction as a reflection of how a character is feeling.

  4. I love the whole poem, Merril, from title to final lline! I especially love the ‘cockeyed grin to full-faced smile’ and the moon’s ‘lullabies for the sleepless’ – yes, they are ‘a source of poets’ dreams’.

  5. “cockeyed grin to full-face smile”….I especially love that description, Merril and the image created with the owl. Title? Well that’s spot on. I think there are some things, like the magic of the moon that respectfully deserve those cliches.

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