Folktober Challenge, Day 5

Inspired by F3.5, Grey Lady, Dark Hedges

The Dark Hedges

This beech tree grove,
an arboreal monument,
a tribute to grace
at midday, delight in its dappled light

but even then,
there’s a sense of something not right
in the tunnel of magnificent arching branches,
shadows form

unsettled and unsettling. Watch now at dusk,
the grey mist in semblance of a female shape
and though you cannot see her face,
you feel her tension and her grief

to wander each night
in the gloaming
through the dark hedges
till at the last tree, she goes–

but on Halloween, she’s joined by others.

Well, these are all drafts, but this one needs some editing.

Paul Brookes is hosting a month-long ekphrastic challenge using folklore images to celebrate the launch of his new poetry collection, “As Folktaleteller.” You can see the images here, and also read the other responses.

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