What the Heron Brings

Heron at dawn. Delaware River at Red Bank Battlefield.

What the Heron Brings

Heron stands in dim-lit dusk,
hermit of the shadowed shoals
her silent, stilt-legged silhouette
heralds nothing, no more than

threads of time, unspooling strands–
thousands, like the sun’s rays, or
thoughts, tacit and tattered,
thrilling and threatening, feathered things–

catch them if you can, they’re
carp cast in mind’s golden pond,
capricious and captivating,
calmed by wind-sigh, wing-rustle.

It’s hopeless. I can’t stop writing about birds. 🤣 And the rain is gone, so I got to see “my” heron this morning. This is for dVerse, where Grace’s prompt invites us to write a poem in traditional Mongolian meter. You can read more here.

47 thoughts on “What the Heron Brings

  1. Not hopeless, Merril – I have a thing about birds too. I love your heron, pictured it standing ’in dim-lit dusk’, a ‘stilt-legged silhouette’ – wonderful descriptions. I also love the ‘threads of time, unspooling strands’.

  2. This is so captivating and I love the spotlight on herons. Your alliterations are glorious with all the t’s in the second stanza, and that soft sounds of wind-sigh, wing-rustle.

  3. I had to chuckle when I saw the title of your poem come across my email. I appreciate that the heron “heralds nothing.” He just “is” and that’s enough. It’s a lesson to take to heart.

  4. A side note: If you haven’t already discovered it, you’d enjoy David A. Sibley’s What It’s Like to be a Bird. It’s science for non-ornithologists, and very informative. Birds hold endless fascination for me too!

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