More Connections Invite More Questions

Franz Marc, Birds

More Connections Invite More Questions

“To be a Flower, is profound
Responsibility —”
–Emily Dickinson

If birds never lived
to imitate the stars
in sparkle, color, and song,

would we dream of soaring,
or hear the music of wind and sea?

Would the fiddler play
as shadows gathered, and would we ache
not knowing why?

Would spring come,
a bride adorned in pink and white,
or would the world be without bloom,
the sky left some other hue—perhaps delightful,
but not blue?

And what would be the point
of fairy tales
without swans, owls, and feathered light?

Like flowers—
birds’ responsibility is profound.

Well, the Oracle always, always knows!

I consulted her early this morning and wrote a rough draft. I had to convince myself to go for a walk, but I did. AND—the vultures put on a show, and there were so many birds singing—almost like spring, despite the chill in the air.

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