Folktober Challenge, Day 16

Inspired by image 2.16, “Elf-Rib”


Proud king,
denier of the cross,
dies unbaptized.

Pagan king
in death reborn
a demon.

Skeleton King
dwells in ditches, wails from the water
snatches children who walk outside.

Victors tell the story,
raise their own glory–
even the mighty fall.

Proud king,
pagan king,
skeleton and bogeyman—

children, heed this well,
listen to authorities, or
you will end in hell.

Paul Brookes is hosting a month-long ekphrastic challenge using folklore images to celebrate the launch of his new poetry collection, “As Folktaleteller.” You can see the images here and also read the other responses. I’ve revised this some from the poem posted there.

33 thoughts on “Folktober Challenge, Day 16

  1. I promise you I will be catching up. Well, I will try! Figured I’d go backwards from here 😉
    And you have captured quite the spirit with this one! Scary business!

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