The Ruins

The Ruins

Leaves of red and yellow fall
wrapping the ruins in rubies and gold.

Once bells tolled, clanging rings,
singing the years and hours–
joy-peals for weddings, clamoring-bongs
when wars were done.

Silence drifts ghost-like in this place
yet, listen–
bells, knelling, an echoing trace.

A seasonal quadrille for dVerse. The prompt word is bell.

45 thoughts on “The Ruins

  1. A haunting quadrille, Merril, so beautifully painted, with the ruins wrapped in rubies and gold and the echoes of ‘joy-peals for weddings, clamoring-bongs / when wars were done’. The final lines had me pricking my ears for a ghostly bell.

  2. Liking this very much, Merrill. I Love that the bells played when the “war” ended. Looks like the church took a bad beating from the bombers. Ours?
    Mrs. Jim’s brother was shot down from his P38 during WWII near a church, the rector came out and got his dog tags but the Italians took his body and buried it. We didn’t know where abouts of the church until after we quit going to Italy.

    • Thank you, Jim.
      I wasn’t referring to any particular war. I imagine though church bells did sound when wars ended or any big event.
      The painting is early 19th century, a German artist.

      I’m sorry about your brother-in-law. It was good of the rector to get his dog tags so you know what happened to him.

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