Folktober, Day 19

Image, 3.19, Edward Kelly, A Magician in the Act of Invoking the Spirit of a Deceased Person

Edward Kelly, Magician

He speaks with angels,
raises the dead,
shares the thoughts of a spirit guide,
gold comes with sharing brides.

And what of his wife? And Mistress Dee?
How willingly did they comply? What did they see?

Magic brings him fame and fortune—
wealth accrued through deception,
arcane words and symbols, hands waved
in half-light—
did he believe in angel-language and alchemy,
crystal balls and second sight?

He rises, but he plummets and bleeds,
a man, not immortal,
felled from jealousy, lust, and greed.

For Paul Brookes’ month-long folklore ekphrastic challenge. You can see the images and read the other responses here.

13 thoughts on “Folktober, Day 19

    • I can understand that. After all money itself is only valuable because we say it is. And I imagine that even when wealth was based on livestock owned or grain stored or whatever, some deception may have played a part in how it was obtained.

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