Traveler’s Moon

Owl Moon, Kerfe Roig

Traveler’s Moon

The moon, tosses her red cape,
rises for attention, silver-gowned goddess

can be kindly or fierce. She is hunter and protector.
Some dream under her spell,

but geese journey south with honking chatter,
their giant V sparkles in her light,

and owl with silent wing-whoosh soars,
a silhouetted form, a traveler in the night.

For dVerse, where Sarah has given us a list of moon names as a prompt. How can I resist a moon prompt? I’m using Kerfe Roig’s beautiful image again, which popped into my head as soon as I read the prompt.

47 thoughts on “Traveler’s Moon

  1. “silver-gowned goddess” sounds so royal and formal for out moon. Yet she is a worker her, not aloof.
    Your Kerfe Roig painting is wonderful, very Modern Art looking.
    Thank you for peeking in on me. Yes, I’ll use it for a Halloween poem, thank you all for the suggestions.

  2. So sorry I’ve only just got around to reading and commenting on your poem, Merril, I’ve been catching up on the quadrilles! I love your traveller’s moon in her red cape and silver gown, so seductive, and I love that you too have geese and owl travellers.

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