Folktober Challenge, Day 21

Inspired by 3.21 Anne Boleyn

Anne Boleyn

drifts through the Tower walls,
and roams headless at Hampton Court,
at Hever, she walks beside a tree
where she and Henry courted.

Or here, she comes bejeweled, the “B”
about her neck, her dark eyes without
their brilliant flash–
trapped in-between,
seeking peace, searching for release–

another victim of lust, a cast-off plaything,
a pawn in men’s power games.
Does it matter if she was willing
if bound she must be
to satisfy ambitious–
the second sister offered, the first
to become queen.

Was this always her fate–
haunted and haunting–
another spirit lost in time,
another woman in white, red, or grey.

For Paul Brookes’ month-long Foltober Challenge. I hadn’t thought of Anne Boleyn as a ghost, but apparently people have claimed they’ve seen her ghost in many different places. A ghost that travels? You can see all the images and the responses here.

23 thoughts on “Folktober Challenge, Day 21

    • That’s true. We really don’t know what was in her heart and mind. All we have are interpretations from what sources still exist.
      I discovered that even this famous painting was not painted until after her death.

  1. (Recognised your ‘if’s) Yes, she was just used by her scheming family for their own enrichment but I think her brother was executed too, in the plot that was concocted against her. Must have been fraught being a noblewoman in those days.

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