Folktober Challenge, Day 24

Inspired by F2. 24 Boitata and F3.24, Black-eyed Children

Eyes of Fire and Chill

Eyes take in the light, reflect and refract,
heated observation burns with fury–
a gaze that combusts to protect,
regenerating by fire to make the world right,

and then the opposite,

dead souls with eyes of bottomless black.
What makes us turn children into demons—
brightest hope dashed and fears projected,
we see the monsters within.

For Paul Brookes’ Folktober Challenge. You can see the images and read the other responses here.

11 thoughts on “Folktober Challenge, Day 24

    • Thank you. When I re-read it, I realized that’s how it sounded–and yes, that’s true. I did mean it though as adults projecting upon children. I was thinking of so many stories and movies about strange or evil children. Isn’t that a weird thing? So, yes, both things. 🙂

      In my favorite podcast series, Ghosts in the Burbs, there’s a black-eyed children episode. It’s a scary one.

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