Small Joys

Monday Morning Musings:

Small Joys

“Seek out each day as many as possible of the small joys, and thriftily save up the larger, more demanding pleasures for holidays and appropriate hours. It is the small joys first of all that are granted us for recreation, for daily relief and disburdenment, not the great ones.”
–Herman Hesse, quoted in The Marginalian

Early Morning October Reflections, Red Bank Battlefield

A mysterious sky forms,
whispers, “be untidy now,”
scatter leaves like hope,
watch them catch the wind
as eagles do, wings-outstretched
straight as the horizon,
to land softly, like feathers,
but to crackle and crunch with satisfaction
as you walk upon them,
sharing them with the earth.

Autumn leaves, Tall Pines

Bird Skies

Now mark how the thunder passes,
and gold pours from the sky
gilding the trees
as the sky-blue jay
shares his opinions of the world,

you and the trees sigh.

October Morning, Red Bank Battlefield

See, how the wine is garnet in your glass,
a drinkable jewel, glimmering in the sun,
the afterlife of grapes, the culmination of sun, harvest,
air, and time. Some things can’t be hurried—

and so, we sit.

The afternoon may be a shaggy dog story,
or it might simply have a dog,
and isn’t that the point,
isn’t that enough

a beautiful autumn day,
loved ones, wines, a dog?

A bridge connecting seasons,
connecting future and past,
joy in this moment,
this moment, now,
whatever comes to pass.

Wooden Bridge, Tall Pines State Preserve

I used some of Jane’s Random words from Oracle II for my musings today. We are in the peak of autumn splendor now. Cool nights and sunny days (mixed with cloudy rainy ones). We will not have many more days of sitting outside, but we took advantage of the weather on Saturday afternoon to meet our daughter, son-in-law, and their puppy at Amalthea Cellars. Great wine (we had a red blend of merlot and Cabernet Franc.) On Sunday morning, before the rain, we walked at Tall Pines State Preserve.

Amalthea Cellars

Tall Pines State Preserve

Thursday afternoon I had a delightful time doing a podcast and reading some of my poetry, which I will share once it’s up—probably sometime in November. On Friday, I participated in an online Black Bough poetry event for “Sun-Tipped Pillars of Our Hearts,” the Dai Fry Award for Mystical Poetry. Such a beautiful event! My poem was among the long-listed poems included in the volume.

Ricky was dismayed by the dog, and he wants equal time. He should know how much he’s loved.

38 thoughts on “Small Joys

  1. Lovely photos. Your fall is beginning to look like ours now, just brown leaves. The last photo with the bridge is like one I took yesterday. I’ll have to post it. The words gave you a personal message, family and dogs, and all that gold.
    I’m sorry I missed almost all of the zoom on Friday. Husband doesn’t get home until 8pm, the time the session started, and we had to eat first. He’s shattered and hasn’t had a proper lunch so zooms have to come second.

    • Thank you. I want to see your bridge now.
      This Oracle did give me a personal message. I ignored the political stuff this time. 🙂

      It was great to see you even for a little bit. I was so excited when I saw you pop up on the screen! I like that for me, it started at 2 PM. 🙂

  2. I absolutely love the poem! Too many treasures here to name them out one by one. I will take it as a gift, full of autumnal wonder and bliss. Beautiful photographs…it made me happy to look at them. 🙂

  3. I like to think of the scattering of fall leaves as “untidy,” a new image for me. These lines struck my fancy too: See, how the wine is garnet in your glass,
    a drinkable jewel, glimmering in the sun,
    the afterlife of grapes.”

    Yesterday I wrote a haiku about the flight of mallard ducks. Maybe you inspired me.

  4. Such beautiful photos! And I swooned at these lines:

    Now mark how the thunder passes,
    and gold pours from the sky
    gilding the trees
    as the sky-blue jay
    shares his opinions of the world,

    you and the trees sigh.

  5. Autumn is so resplendent where you are.
    So, your musings follow suit.
    LMAO re: the dog in the sports top!!!
    Cats hate anyone/thing who gets more attention than they do.
    They make us love them!

    Oh… Merril, I think my baby Johnny cat has dementia. We woke up this morning, and he doesn’t seem to know who we are. Of course the vet will come, but there are many questions I need to answer. I have a few days… Is he eating, is he going to the bathroom, is his tail up or down and some other things that the vet needs to know. It’s hard to tell about things like eating and bathroom, as there are 2 cats here.
    I held him and kissed him and he purred.
    Still he’s hissing at me and N & his mom, Jeep!
    He’s 14.
    I go now to look at him. Vet says give him a couple of days to hide/be alone. 💔

    • Oh, Resa! I hope your beloved cat is OK. 💙
      I love my Ricky so much.

      The dog is my daughter’s. She’s a pit bull rescue that they got as a puppy. Adorable, but there’s always something with her.🤣

      • Poor little Johnny!
        He ate last night. I had to carry him to his food, but once he got there, he knew what it was. Boy was he hungry.
        He came to the bed this morning… a good sign.
        Aww, a rescue! It’s hard for me to think of pitties as girls. They look like boys. Marina has a pittie, a girl, Hera!
        Well, the something makes you laugh, so that’s something! 🤣

      • He’s coming around. At least he ate, and I got to love him and pet him and hug him.
        He’s hiding right now.
        Vet said let him hide, for a couple days. Day 3 he started coming around.

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