Folktober Challenge, Day 25

Inspired by 1.25, Salmon of Knowledge

Salmon of Knowledge

Wisdom dropped from the hazel tree
in weighty nuts the salmon ate.
He swam through water wide and blue,
until the young man cast and viewed
bright silver-scales caught with his bait.

Do not eat it, Fionn was told.
but fry-burned, raised his thumb to lips,
gained wisdom from the tree and fish.
I wonder what the salmon wished–
a legend by hero eclipsed.

For Paul Brookes’ month-long Folktober Challenge. You can see the images and read the other responses here.

21 thoughts on “Folktober Challenge, Day 25

  1. You captured just the right story-telling tone with this one. Strange that Fionn went on to make so many bad decisions. The later stories must have forgotten he was supposed to be wise 🙂

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