Folktober Challenge, Day 27

Inspired by 2.27, Sirin and Alkonost, The Birds of Joy and Sorrow

Sirin and Alkonost

In this time of in-between,
when only pine and fir stay green,
the other leaves turn red and brown,
and fog tiptoes in to obscure sight
but carries sound.

Look up, and you might see,
the two sisters in a tree,
on a bough of oak or birch,
there they sit–
or rather perch.

They sing of joy and sorrow,
they make you forget tomorrow,
they are beautiful, their songs enchanting
owl and raven winged—
they sing, entrancing.

Golden Sirin should remain a stranger,
her wondrous voice lures you to danger.
Raven Alkonost, is difficult to find—
as happiness is fleeting—
her song may make you lose your mind.

The world you thought you had,
beauty that may not make you glad.
Twin-edged, sorrow and delight,
bird-women of joy and sorrow,
bring both darkness and light.

In this time of in-between,
beware of the invisible and the seen
stay clear
of birds with women’s faces and hair,
run from their songs that float in the air.

For Paul Brookes’ Folktober Challenge. I think this time everyone was drawn to the same image. It’s hard to resist bird-women. You can see the images and responses here.

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