Folktober Challenge, Day 28

Inspired by F2. 28 Kunekune


Have you seen it? Slender, twisting,
in the rice field, like a ghostly figured light
when the plants are green, the sky bright blue.
It’s mesmerizing as it dances,
when no wind is there. You yawn over lunch,
think you dreamt what you’d seen.

But there’s your friend,
standing where it was. His eyes now blank,
his mind now gone, and you know
what you saw–it wasn’t a dream.

For Paul Brookes’ Folktober Challenge. You can see the images and read the other responses here.

19 thoughts on “Folktober Challenge, Day 28

  1. This was a new one for me. I like how you placed yourself with the two figures watching, and your description of that strange white twisting thing.

    It’s hard for me to take it seriously as there’s a bakers where you turn off to join the motorway, has a sign outside just like this kunekune, a plastic sausage-shaped man with floppy arms that fills up in the wind and flips about. It says Boulangerie down its front. Green with a smiley face. Utterly weird.

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