Slanted Words in Slanted Light

Monday Morning Musings:

Autumn Light Through the Trees

Slanted Words in Slanted Light

“Tell all the truth but tell it slant —”
Emily Dickinson

“There’s a certain Slant of light, . . .

When it comes, the Landscape listens –
Shadows – hold their breath –“
Emily Dickinson,

Slanted words in slanted light,
this is what autumn brings–
ghosts and trees whisper,
elongated shadows seem alive.

This is what autumn brings–
red and yellow dazzle,
elongated shadows seem alive,
eagles with high-pitched whistles fly—

above red and yellow dazzle,
berry-warm against cool grey and blue
eagles with high-pitched whistles fly,
wine glows as canted rays shine through

berry-warm against cool grey and blue
circles woven of color and time
wine glows as canted rays shine through
stories told and understood–

circles woven of color and time
now amid the age-old lies,
stories told and understood
for those who wait, a battle cry

now amid the age-old lies
truth is bent and rearranged
for those who wait, a battle cry,
but nature marches to a different beat

The Wild Turkey Gang

truth is bent and rearranged
elongated shadows seem alive
but nature marches to a different beat–
slanted words in slanted light.

A pantoum for today. I used some of Jane’s random words, as well as playing off Emily Dickinson. October has been a mostly beautiful month this year—some grey days and rain, but beautiful color, even as the days are growing shorter. And that eagle!

We took care of some things this weekend, such as flu shots and new COVID booster and haircuts. No ill effects from the vaccines, except I was a little tired Friday night and Saturday. We also voted in NJ’s early voting. I’m dismayed and angered that so many still support the GOP, which has become the Tr—p Party of Christo-fascists, and people egging them on, and also some who somehow still believe their lives will improve–despite decades of proof that trickle-down economic policies only make the rich richer. The GOP wants to eliminate Social Security and Medicare—how will that help most people, and what will happen to the people who depend on them? The attack on Nancy Pelosi’s husband, which was meant to be her assassination, and the rise in antisemitic rhetoric indicates what this party stands for–in case the dismissal of women’s rights and attacks on LGBTQ+ weren’t enough, and oh yes, the attempts to destroy democracy weren’t enough! We cannot agree to disagree on these things.

Horror viewing this week because nothing is as scary as the real world. The Midnight Club on Netflix this week, which we enjoyed. It’s based on a YA novel. There are a few “gotcha jumps,” but it’s not super-scary. But it’s both sad (set in a hospice for teens with cancer) and hopeful with some fun 1990’s references, too. The Innocents (1961), the beautifully photographed movie based on The Turn of the Screw with Deborah Kerr as the governess. A classic ghost story. No blood and gore, just spookiness. I had forgotten the ending though, which is creepy on another level, too.

We went to William Heritage Winery to enjoy the beautiful afternoon yesterday.

31 thoughts on “Slanted Words in Slanted Light

  1. Gorgeous shots Merril. This truly is a spectacular autumn.
    It’s my favourite time of year. It used to be spring, but spring seems to have evolved away.
    The wild turkeys are fabulous. I hope people don’t eat them.

    Your musings glow in the canted light.
    I can’t stand watching the news for very long these days.
    The US politics grind, grind, grind.
    The war in Ukraine grinds even harder.
    I’m considering cancelling my Twitter account.
    What the hell are the GOP going to impeach Biden on, if they get in?
    They’re tit for tat lunatics.

    Why are the GOP so mean?
    I suppose I sound Canadian, and I DO think we overdo our social programs here, but providing not for profit heath care and old age security is civilized and humane.

    Get my Flu and Covid shots next week!

    Watched “Tremors”, “El Vampiro Negro” and “Flesh and Blood” for my Hallowe’en treat movies.

    Talk about a windy comment!

    • Thank you very much for your comments, Resa! I didn’t use to like autumn because of the days growing shorter, but September and October are so beautiful. It’s sort of a melancholy beauty, but it stirs my heart. Soon I’ll want to go to bed at 4 PM though. 🤣

      The GOP has become the party of the former prez. Reactionary, not conservative. Anyone who supports them is supporting hate, racism, fascist-style government, etc. We do not have a real two-party system right now.

      I hope you enjoyed your movies, and good luck with your vaccines!

      • Well, I like to cozy up with paper and pencils in bed after dinner in the winter.
        So, 4 is only a few hours earlier! 🤣
        Thank you! I’m sure the vaccines will go well. They always have in the past.

      • I don’t mind the winter cozy bit for a little while.
        Yes, the vaccines will probably be fine I didn’t really have problems with the others either. I was just concerned because we got the 65 and over flu vaccine this time and the new COVID booster.

  2. When I saw your title, I thought of Emily Dickinson, but you had already “anticipated” my urge to quote her here.

    The photo of the sun in your hair is gorgeous. I suppose we can thank Doug for that. Happy Monday!

  3. “We cannot agree to disagree on these things.” I love it when you rant 😉 And I do love your pantoum and photos! In our neighborhood, there’s one spindly maple tree with yellow and red leaves. That’s it! The rest are (still) green or brown (dead leaves). And we’re looking forward (not) to mid-80s temps this week, about 10 degrees above normal. Sigh.

    And the photo of you is my favorite. That should be your author photo!

    • Thank you so much, Kerfe.

      You are right. I’m hoping anyone still on the fence will turn away from the extremism and craziness. . . but it’s hard to see how anyone could be undecided at this point.

  4. I LOVE your pantoum!! It stands in such contrast to your discussion of the current state of our country. I’ve been worried since the aftermath of the 2020 election. After the attack on Nancy Pulosi’s husband, I’m frightened.

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