For Those Who Dare

Roses and shoes under the bust of Sophie Scholl: By no bias, Wikipedia Commons

For All Who Dare

How scared they must be—and how brave-
the women who dare to bare their hair—
and all who battle not monsters, but men,
who protest, write pamphlets, drop flyers–

the Plaza Madres, the White Rose students,
those with forbidden books, those who share
their knowledge, truth, the oxygen
that inspires and fuels their desires–

the feathered hopes on wings, phoenixes
that singed still soar to sing—everywhere–
riders on a bus; a girl with a pen—
swirling spires of dragon-breathed fires

rising—beware—they dare!
Not if, but when. Then they do it again.

For dVerse, where Björn’s Meeting the Bar prompt is to write a bref double poem. You can read more here. I’ve put the unrhymed line first: xabc, xabc, xabc, ab.

58 thoughts on “For Those Who Dare

  1. You went with xabc, which was creative. Your message is so bang on, it’s painful. I fear the “girls” will be brutally imprisoned and beat down. But I applaud and support them!

  2. I hope the women of Iran (and anywhere who are oppressed by men and religion) get somewhere, get some freedom.
    As you have lost a bit of your freedoms to choose in the USA, some struggle to gain any.

    I taste something bitter!

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