Vincent Van Gogh, Starry Night


An ancient star’s smile, ghost eyes,
that dazzle, ferocious heart-fire
blue shifting magic–

a poem of eternity,
a poem of now and always,
a laugh from when
asking me
if I need

to remember
the champagne sails fluttering on the night sea,
kissed by the cosmos

there and not-there. Like you.

My poem from the Oracle. I kept getting “death” from the usual tiles, so I switched to the old tiles. Then when I thought it would be a poem to celebrate my sister’s birthday, it turned into one about my mom. So, there we are, back to death. You can’t argue with the Oracle!

33 thoughts on “Stars

  1. You had me in the cosmos … well …. until I read your closing paragraph. Then I read it again. Perfect! …. Your choice of Starry Night is right on. Interesting, we were in Arles, the place where Van Gogh did many of his paintings. There is a spot marked as the spot where they believe Van Gogh placed his easle for this painting. Happy Birthday to your sister!

  2. You had the blue too 🙂 But much stranger (seems to me) you tried to avoid death (and couldn’t) and we laughed about the sausage that you won’t use. I turned it into a seal, a seal leading the dead home. Our poems are completely entangled 🙂

  3. I particularly love – poem of eternity – Van Gogh has inhabited much of my life (my middle name is after him). Thank you for the postscript too, agreed never argue with the oracle.

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