Starlight Sower by Hai Knafo


In the light of the waxing moon,
a fiddler plays

a song of aching beauty
his notes fall like stars, drenching everything
in their afterglow, an evanescent flash,

each phrase asking if, each refrain a soaring why
in counterpoint to moon rhythm

each a part of the symphony,
of always–

of star-blossoms blooming time and again
like love.

It’s been a crazy week and a crazy weekend with some computer issues. Hopefully everything is resolved. This is my message from the Oracle that I started early yesterday morning. I’m sorry I’m so behind in commenting!

34 thoughts on “Heart-Lingering

  1. As soon as I saw this painting in the reader I knew we were in for a treat from you. And so it come to pass with such a lovely poem. A very well placed if. You know I sympathise with your computer issues.

  2. This is lovely. Your stars are always so gentle.
    We all had the ‘ask’ this week, and the questions are always similar.
    I had big computer issues too, Microsoft being weird and a couple of days when we kept losing power. And family visits that get me wound up (spending too long in the kitchen).

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