#AdventWithAnnick Poem: We Find the Light Again and Again

Annick Yerem is doing a lovely advent project of seasonal poems written by one poet and then read by another poet.

Here is a link to my poem, “We find the light again and again,” read by Mo Schoenfeld.

Here is the text of the poem. I’m sharing this with dVerse Open Link Night.

We Find the Light Again and Again

And now—the winter darkness comes,
the sun a sleepy golden cat, rises on arthritic limbs
to light the birds on leafless boughs and make the holly berries gleam,
before he settles back to nap in grey blankets, glimmering.

And now—we see the nests above,
the treasures hidden by summer’s verdant leaves,
where sparrows chatter and squirrels scatter, sprinting
around decorations and frosted evergreens.

And now–we touch match to candles, watch
as an octave burns–-commemoration of miracles,
of how love endures despite the odds, as hot oil splatters
we eat and drink while shadows around us gather,

but the flames like small stars twinkle,
the sleepy cat purrs goodnight—
soon the days will lengthen and grow brighter
and now– in the flickering glow, we toast, “to life!”

–Merril D. Smith

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