I am the river

Monday Morning Musings:

Delaware River with early morning clouds

I am the river

Time is a river which sweeps me along, but I am the river. . .”
Jorge Luis Borges

Step by step, I travel,
the river my guide, an eagle far above
with broad wings outspread, glides out of sight—
I am envious, the music of a thousand shadows
is a whispered song.

We clutch at alluring promises
with unguarded hands, seize the cards,
moon and stars—hopeful–but
we are merely passengers—trust
is a guess, nothing sanctified.

Bread, thick and toasted,
spread with butter and blueberry jam
while the wind bites and the dry air crackles–
I’m surprised by the taste of summer,
sweet and blue.

Now the air
is cinnamon and peppermint,
wax drips from candles,
warm and pliable,
how quickly it becomes cold and stiff.

Azure June days become
December’s violet nights.
Giddy romance turns practical,
but still, your hands, your smile–
which is afterthought, dream or reality?

Another almost-Cadralor from Jane’s Random Words. The start of December has been fitful.
Sunny, then miserable. My husband came down with something VERY suddenly on Friday night. Itchy nose, sneezing, congestion. He took two COVID tests, but both were negative, and he feels better now. The morning is all off–our Ricky is at the vets having his teeth cleaned. I’m hoping that is it. It makes me anxious. I think Ricky and I both like our routines.

We watched The Souvenir, Part II. I liked it, but since my husband was not feeling well and didn’t remember Part I, it didn’t make much sense to him. The director, Joanna Hogg, has a new movie out, so I wanted to finally see this one.

Now that the third and final season of Dead to Me (Netflix) is out, we’re re-watching the first two seasons (already into the second).

30 thoughts on “I am the river

  1. Your almost cadralor resonated very strongly with me. This phrase went straight into my favorite metaphors/similes folder: “the music of a thousand shadows.” I love the sweet, blue taste of summer, too. I’m sorry to hear that your husband is sick. I hope he’s soon on the mend.

  2. I am not watching much on TV. Waiting for the finale of season 2 of Broadchurch. That’s about it. I was too late on some of the series. I did ask the gardener to record George and Tammy though. And I am trying to figure out when I would get the time to watch Gamache because it has to be watched in Meesker’s room (on “his” TV).
    With your love of rivers (in your poetry) I wonder if you know this old poem and what you make of it:

  3. I like routines too.

    If the weather is warm enough in the morning, I eat breakfast on the lanai and watch birds soar and then splash down on the lake. These days I also light a candle and notice that “wax drips from candles,
    warm and pliable,
    how quickly it becomes cold and stiff.”

    Here’s to warm, jammy bread, tall shadows, and good health, Merril! 😀

  4. Gorgeous photos today, Merril! You have my mouth watering for the bread…it looks delicious! A few weekends ago, I had something similar with sneezing and the itchiness nose ever! It disappeared after two days.

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