Poem Up in Anti-Heroin Chic: Letter from my Mom

Thank you to editor James Diaz for publishing another of my poems in Anti-Heroin Chic. This one, “Letter from My Mom,” is especially important to me. Not too long ago, a cousin who we have not seen in decades discovered a letter my mom had written to her long ago. She sent a photo of it to my sister. My mother was not a letter writer, and to read her words written when she still thought clearly–and when she also could see well enough to write–this was such a special gift. You can read my poem here.

31 thoughts on “Poem Up in Anti-Heroin Chic: Letter from my Mom

  1. Oh Merril (first let me apologise for my absence. I am on catch-up mode!) – this is absolutely wonderful. Yes, having your poem published – as it should be. It is beautiful in every possible way.

  2. This is precious, especially since it arrived from an unexpected source, a rare find. These lines especially resonate: “you still send me souvenirs. And they travel
    on a special express line, straight to my heart.”

    Not a day goes by that I do not think of my mother. I even weave her wisdom into my books. Brava, Merril!

  3. Merril, the poem is rich, full of love.
    I comment here, as I had to fill in a form to comment, and I saw that the site is not secure. (Big chicken Resa)

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