This Season of Darkness and Light

Watching for Santa around Hanukkah decorations (I miss him.)

This Season of Darkness and Light

This hour of this season
is a silent pause,
heron-still till shadows flit

awakened by wren trill
and the spectral sun’s slow rise,
a ghost of summer’s bright Apollo.

We light
one candle, then another,
add a solstice flame, and trees
that glow and twinkle
with captured stars, bright miracles

in the cinnamon-scented air,
and even cookies sugar-sparkle
green like firs—and spring—

and so, we dream
as the ocean of darkness overtakes–
and then–once more—

For Sarah’s Tuesday dVerse prompt on light during this time of year. I feel like I’ve written a ton of poems about that, including some others for Sarah. It’s early morning here, but still dark. And it’s sleeting now. A dreary day. We will be lighting candles for my birthday, then Hanukkah, which begins on Sunday night, and then the winter solstice, and Christmas. I’ve been trying to finish up work, but I will catch up with reading over the next few days. Happy Holidays, All!

33 thoughts on “This Season of Darkness and Light

    • Thank you for your very kind comment, Resa!
      That’s our Mickey. He died the same week as my mom and during the first COVID wave, so in my mind they’re all forever linked. He was our watch cat, and he had one yellow eye and one blue eye.

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