At the Year’s End

Odilon Redon, The Boat

At the year’s end

spray smooth the sky–
erase the stormy purple-black,
prepare a palette of silvered moonbeams,

add cobweb white to pewter streaks,
lighten it

so that some see through it
and others
see only shadows and reflections
cast by time.

I am what I am,
finding poetry in the river’s wandering answers
to questions not yet asked,
and hearing the descant of if and always
in each dawn’s song.

Watch now as honey pours golden
through the gloom, and

listen, my love–Earth’s blue breaths
rise and fall, rise and fall.

The Oracle’s final message of the year. Happy New Year, All!

37 thoughts on “At the Year’s End

  1. Merril, this is really wonderful. I also read the expanded version this morning, you will have a hard time meeting again all you have accomplished and witnessed in 2022. I tell folk that I am old and have accomplished all that needs be done and most of the ones that I have liked to do. It will be okay with me, no choice mainly although I have said I’d move to Oregon if things were really tough. I.e., no resolutions here.

  2. I can’t remember the comment I tried to leave here before, but it was something about our similar colours and mood. The Redon paintings we chose would suit either poem. (I’m in the reader).

  3. This is simply gorgeous, Merril. Yes, leave the old behind and prepare to receive the new. Perfect year-end poetry.
    Happy New Year to you and yours, Merril! 💞

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