From the Shadows

Odilon Redon, Béatrice, c. 1905


What was and is

When what we were
was dreams

black all around, no shadows
till the wind blew blue, purple, and pink

in storm sprays, pin pricks of
elaborate dazzle, like love—

scarlet dawns, cocoa clouds, and diamond stars–

but love like lies lathers,
leaving traces of different,
lingering perfumes.

Some would heal with poison,
others with smiles,

but see how the sun devours
the clouds? Timeless stories retold.

Woman With Will

if I live less like one asleep,
stop, hear sea’s music that
we together sing

then that which we are,
and that which we were,
is part of after and always–
moon mist and flowers.

The Oracle kept giving me phrases, including the title of the second poem, so I decided there were two poems here. Perhaps they go together or a part of something larger.

21 thoughts on “From the Shadows

  1. Good morning, Merril. I don’t have a literary comment for this poem today although I enjoyed your lines as always. What struck me is that the illustration matched the artist’s palette on the frosting of Cliff’s (early) birthday cake.

    • Hi David! I hope that means you like them. 🙂
      Hmmm . . . I look at the tiles and start picking out words and sometimes phrases. Then I type them into a Word doc and start moving things around, and those word and phrases begin to assume a poetic form. I go back to the tiles, refresh, switch tiles as needed.

      Then often after I write a rough draft, I go for a walk or do something else for a little while. Then I look at the poem again, and perhaps visit the Oracle again for a last bit of inspiration. That’s kind of the usual process. 🙂

  2. I love the last line of ‘moon mist and flowers’…and I like the part about listening to the music of the sea. I so loved as a child holding a shell to your ear and ‘listening’. I wonder if any children do that nowadays. One of my favorite things is to walk beside the ocean and just listen to the wind and the breaking waves.

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