“Letter from My Mom” (with a reading)

I’m sharing this poem again, this time with a reading and photo. I’m linking it to dVerse’s Open Link Night Live.

Thank you to editor James Diaz for publishing another of my poems in Anti-Heroin Chic. This one, “Letter from My Mom,” is especially important to me. Not too long ago, a cousin who we have not seen in decades discovered a letter my mom had written to her long ago. She sent a photo of it to my sister. My mother was not a letter writer, and to read her words written when she still thought clearly–and when she also could see well enough to write–this was such a special gift. You can read my poem here.

41 thoughts on ““Letter from My Mom” (with a reading)

  1. It was wonderful to hear you read this, Merril! I confess, my heart skipped a few beats … it was both lovely and intense. ❤️❤️

  2. I wrote on the website that published your poem, but I’ll say it here again: This went straight to my heart as well. A friend of my mom sent me an old thank you card with note in it that my mom wrote to her years ago. Not only to read her words, but to see her handwriting again – goes straight to the heart. Beautiful poem, Merril.

  3. Loved hearing you read this at OLN LIVE and now again, here. That comparison to the train cars is such a good one. As I mentioned, some years after my mother’s death, I found a Christmas tag that had been on a gift to me, written in my mother’s hand. Her writing was always atrocious….she always said the nuns in grade school hit her knuckles with a ruler if she tried to write left-handed. She was forced to right with her right hand. I suspect that is why her handwriting was always so illegible…but at the same time, it is easily recognizable as hers. There were tears that fell when I found that tag. I punched a tiny hole in it and strung a ribbon through it. Tied the ribbon in a loop and now every Christmas, I hang that tag on a special high branch on our Christmas tree. Your poem touched me.

  4. This was so touching Merrill. ❤️ It reminded me of my mother. I found some letters she had written to a neighbor from long ago when I was a small child. Its so beautifully written, formal yet friendly. In those days everyone was addressed as Mr. or Mrs. We used to be such a polite society. What happened?

  5. I loved to hear you read this…. I did found a lot of letter from my mom but they made me a bit depressed because it dived deep into some bad relationships with her sister… I prefer to remember her from when they had overcame their difficulties.

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