Between Beats

Between Beats

Time’s ship sails—
a gorgeous lie

of shifting light and horizons,
but you might ask the wind how it blows

or why? Does the moon stop the storm
when it appears? Behold

the circling of seconds, the remembering
of before becomes after,

in the fast cry of spring—
if could be

the music that soars

us. Life-murmuring
in the dark beneath.

My early-morning poem from the Oracle. I used the “new” tiles, which are now located below the original tiles. I guess I haven’t use them for a while. The words seemed somewhat different, and she gave me some interesting phrases, but as usual, this is a collaboration between us. I’m stating that because I saw a post that seemed to equate using words generated online with AI generated-poems. I take some of the words and phrases and write my own poem–the same as using any other word prompt! And even if I took every word from the tiles, I’d still be arranging them into my own poem.

15 thoughts on “Between Beats

  1. Ours are really reflections of each other today. And also a reflection of the collage with words I used to illustrate it.

    I usually do use only the magnetic tiles, but just like with using the words from my collage box, the restriction serves to clarify my thoughts. As I learned in design school–the most important thing I learned, really–limitations make you more creative, not less. (K)

    • Thank you. Yes, we’re both questioning and dreaming. . .

      I know you do use only the tiles. That’s why I added the second statement about it still being one’s own creation. I think sometimes the limitations make a person more creative, but I wouldn’t say it as an absolute. It can also produce stilted poetry (though never for you). 🙂 I think that goes for all forms.

  2. I love the idea of time as a ship sailing… and that it’s a gorgeous lie! Nice to see you on dVerse live! It was my first time. I was a little lost but did it!

  3. This is no AI poem. Using words generated is one thing, letting a bot put them together a total ‘nother!
    And this, is wonderful, my dear Merril. Too hard to pick a favourite line but I do echo Liz…

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