Winter Blues

Claude Monet, Floating Ice at Bennecourt

Winter Blues

This landscape sings the blues, tones
absorbed, scattered
in meadows of frost flowers–

but in the staunch fragility of ice, shattered
fragments form prisms
for unexpected rainbows arcs
that sparkle

like the features of the Winter Queen,
beauty without heart, frozen and deadly.

A quadrille for dVerse. The link is still open, if you want to join in the poetry fun. The prompt word is ice.

51 thoughts on “Winter Blues

  1. Wonderfully done and I must echo my agreement with “beauty without heart” and I was half expecting your beautiful rainbow image in the reflections…

  2. Merrill, I sooo very much like your ending, “the Winter Queen,
    beauty without heart, frozen and deadly.” She doesn’t come here often, but two years in a row now we have lost beautiful vegetation to her, living here in the Houston, Texas area.

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