Tree of Dreams

Odilon Redong, Woman Sleeping Under a Tree

Tree of Dreams

There is an ancient tree
in a secret garden,
white blossoms like pearls adorn
her arms as she reaches to touch
sun and moon.

Here bangs and booms become bird-trills,
each day beats with a new rhythm
green tendrils climb in harmony
and the air is scented with promise.

Ask if I am here,
and I may answer,
this is a place of dreams
caught between bee-breaths
and the falling of a rose petal,
the last echo of violin, a tremolo
in the night. The place where time
is both a wing-flap and endless flight.

The Oracle made me work for this one. I used tiles from two sets, merged, revised, revised again. . .But I guess she approves—because I found the Redon painting above to go with my poem.

I’m sharing this with dVerse Open Link Night.

37 thoughts on “Tree of Dreams

  1. I love this poem. The image I found most striking was the white blossoms on her outstretched arms. So, where might I find this tree of dreams? I have my bags all packed (metaphorically speaking).

  2. This is incredibly gorgeous writing, Merril! I especially love; “this is a place of dreams caught between bee-breaths and the falling of a rose petal.” Sigh ❤️❤️

  3. Max Richter did an 8-hour recording called “Sleep” a while back, and all it steps lightly through this very landscape — aware and not, gentled to something more tender than a starlit garden. This is lovely. – Brendan

  4. Sitting at my desk, chills up, down, all over ~ I watched “Out of Africa” yesterday … this gorgeous poem is the embodiment of the film’s magic .. the soundtrack, the cinematography, the story …. thank you.

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