Monday Morning Musings:


There are moments
when time seems to curve,
or is it the light of stars
traveling beyond death?

We watch the rippling reflections
for illumination—to understand the fuzzy in-between

of dream and waking,
the puzzle of

why bees sleep,
and why flowers exist—and the splendid wonder
that they do—

why we question, but never learn,
why we forget to question,
why we forget

how arguments and competition
turn to wars.

Why we think it’s either science or art–
the truth of beauty,
all ye need to know
despite everything—

is ephemeral and lasting,
like spots on a tablecloth, a reminder of what was,
a sign of what may come, the possibility of peace or dystopia

a curve in time, an arc like a rainbow
shimmering in the distance,

with wings outstretched,
returning home, a loop in space,
a curve in time.

I used some of Jane’s Random Words.

We caught up on some movies this past week. Pre-pandemic, we would have seen them all in the theater months ago, but we ended up streaming them, which I know is not the same as a big-screen experience.

I wanted to watch Argentina, 1985, but I couldn’t get the subtitles to work properly, and I do not enjoy watching dubbed movies. I’ve never had this problem before.

The Banshees of Inisherin
Armageddon Time

I liked all of them very much, and they are all excellent movies, but none of them were for me, oh my god, wow! {No Cold War, Dale.] Cate Blanchett is amazing, however, in Tár, which I liked much more after thinking about it. I read that the role was written for her. I think this year I may go for the favorite, “Everything, Everywhere All at Once.” I know that seems weird for me, but it really was a Merril movie.

I read Properties of Thirst by Marianne Wiggins. I loved this book. I found it while looking over the new books at the library. I haven’t read anything else by this author who has won several prizes and was a Pulitzer Prize nominee. She suffered a massive stroke while writing this book, but she recovered enough so that her daughter could help her finish the manuscript. I did have to read several pages to get into it. It is written from different characters’ perspectives with long sections of their thoughts and memories. The book is divided into sections, with each labeled as a different “property of thirst.”

Cold, rainy day comfort food

Home-made pizza for a movie night

28 thoughts on “Reverie

  1. I’m struck by the irony in the first photo. The colors give it the look of a beautiful tree portrait–yet they’re formed by a spilled petroleum product, which is harmful to the environment.

  2. Pizza and french fries! Comfort food indeed.

    And I always love your photos with water reflections. Time does seem stilled, somehow, waiting–and both the images and words echo that. (K)

  3. The puddle with reflection is stunning to me because it is puzzling: naturally beautiful but harboring the stain of pollution, as Liz points out.

    My thought on your verse today: Life is full of mystery and ambivalence, muddle in the puddle!

  4. Lots of movies! I can tell it’s winter there! I did watch a movie recently, which is unusual for me. The Dry. Have you seen it? Just wondering what you thought if you did. The gardener thought it was too dragging and cut weirdly. It kept my attention.

  5. Beautiful, Merril. And it’s so true what Liz says about the colours in that reflection. This image starts off the mood of your poem to perfection.

    And, I hear you on the lack of wow that Cold War had in abundance. Did you enjoy Banshees?
    I wanted to see Tár so bad in the theatre but missed it. I shall have to wait until it is streamable (on what I already have, thank you very much). Everything, Everywhere – I can watch it but he can’t so I’m waiting (im)patiently…

    • Thank you very much for your kind word, Dale! I’m pleased you saw the connection of image and words.

      I did like Banshees, but maybe not as much as you did. It’s beautiful, and I loved the music and acting. But, I just kept thinking what stupid men. This is why we have wars. And moral–do not live on a small island no matter how beautiful. 🙂 I don’t want to give spoilers, but the sister was the smartest person.

      We were able to rent Banshees and Tár on Amazon. And I think we did that for Everything Everywhere, but it’s on Showtime now, too.

      • My pleasure, Merril.

        Oh, I wouldn’t say I was over the moon about it but I did appreciate it and the acting (from all) and I am in agreement with Siobhan – that they are all stupid and boring! How she stayed on the island so long is beyond me.

        I don’t want to have to pay for it at this time. (Streaming services get enough of my money.) I have Everything, Everywhere for free but Marc doesn’t. We try to wait for both to have it.

      • I just thought of something–I wonder if Siobhan and her brother slept in the main room when their parents were alive.

        Yes, I get it about the money. We probably spend way too much on streaming–then again, we haven’t been going out to movies.

      • I thought the same thing! Ugh.

        I would not mind paying for a movie now and again (after all, it would cost way more in the cinema) but it just gets so frustrating when Prime Canada has it but Prime US doesn’t or Netflix US has it but not Netflix Canada. I think that’s why we both balk at paying the extra.

  6. The poem makes me ponder about the light, and I notice perhaps a similar pattern with us writers lately, that it is a motive we are finding ourselves in. Your particular poem makes me acknowledge that I too feel like I am waiting for it, because a thing of light always carries hope with it.
    Love the comfort food as well, we had lots of home-made pizza too, and started watching the Pirates of the Caribbean movies as pastime for the weekend evenings.

    • Thank you very much for your thoughtful comment.
      I suppose light might be overused, but then again it’s difficult to ignore, as our world depends on it. And yes, waiting for light, either physical or metaphorical is hopeful.
      I hope you enjoy your pizza and movies!

  7. The first shot is spectacular.

    Ephemeral beauty… is a reason I shoot street art.
    Aha! I always knew that when the earth swallowed us, it would leave behind a shoe here and there. Now I see my glasses won’t be going with me.

    We are currently watching “Your Honor”, season 2.
    So far so good.
    Thank you for another museful Monday morning!

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