Aboard the Time Ship, Still Sailing

Odilon Redon (1840 – 1916),  La Voile jaune (The Yellow Sail)

Aboard the Time Ship, Still Sailing

Am I mad to think
I could stop time,
as crushed rose petals linger
honey-sweet in the night,

if I breathe the scent,
I remember—not mad—
I hear the whispers, a dream-ache
from the stars,

the after-light of tomorrow,
the past glimpsed today,

we together, us
with summer still within,
a song of peach and lemon,
the drumbeat of waves—
not yet and always, ebb and flow.

My message from the Oracle. I suppose I am thinking of the passage of time. The Oracle always knows—today is my older child’s birthday. Our younger child’s birthday was earlier in the week. My husband’s birthday is coming up. A lot of birthdays over the years.

29 thoughts on “Aboard the Time Ship, Still Sailing

  1. February is your busy birthday month! And you… not part of the “clique” 😉 This is lovely. Summer in our memories but, before we know it, will be back there, creating new ones; as we are now in winter. Time, we notice it more with events to mark it.

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