And We Sail On

Odilon Redon, Flower Clouds

And We Sail On

These memories,
gowned in blue, where the sun
tosses her honeyed locks and smiles?
All a dream of moon-mist and fiddles?

No, you gave me chocolates
wrapped in love. I gave you words
that bloom like roses, scenting
a summer night. Lingering

like the final notes of a symphony,
carried in both head and heart,
if we let them. Still water and shining sea.
All the light shadowing timeβ€”
and we sail on.

The Oracle made me work for this one! Today is my husband’s birthday. I couldn’t write a poem that was sad or angry, as some of her words suggested, but she also kept giving me chocolate and rose and smell. . .

42 thoughts on “And We Sail On

  1. It’s funny, we share the ship image and the memory, and I didn’t get either the word ‘ship’ or ‘memory’. Usually I get ‘rose’ but didn’t this time. The Oracle knew you needed them for your celebrations πŸ™‚

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