Whispers Beyond

Profile of a Woman in the Window by Odilon Redon, 1905-09, pastel on cardboard

Whispers Beyond

I dream in moon-murmurs,
a language smooth and cool
as rain, and if I try, I understand
its meaning,

how after-aches, like storms, bring
a luscious curtain of mist, that once raised
reveals bare boughs, newly clothed in sparkling diamonds,
while shadows dance beneath

still and full of movement,
like a thought, there, gone, twinkling
from beyond–the light of dead stars
time whispers, an endless sea.

My message from the Oracle. It took a bit of work. I’ve had a couple of strange days, and I am catching up on posts and comments.

27 thoughts on “Whispers Beyond

  1. I never saw that Redon either (coz you haven’t used it, yet 😉 )
    As for you collaboration with The Oracle…. sigh.
    Hope your strangeness was nothing negative.

  2. Your poem and Kerfe’s are so close! They transcend the sadness in mine and offer a way out of it. You understand the language that I say none of us understand, and your storm reveals beauty and peace. The Oracle often does this, sets up a human scenario then provides a way of making it better.

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