Spring Anthem

Monday Morning Musings:

Spring Anthem

In spring’s slant shadowed light, daffodils,
like bright belles dance, unmeasured
in their joy, guileless
in their lemon-yellow gowns,
they rise unabashed from winter beds,
ready for change,

If only we could learn
from them, from the budding trees,
the crows, and geese—the unquestioning tenacity
of life, to reset, to build, to amplify, to repeat–
to believe it’s not a quixotic quest
to acknowledge heartbreak, the systemic wrongs,

in this: our bodies belong
only to ourselves. Once daffodils, watch
as we become roses with thorns, cactuses with spikes, flowering
as we will. Ancient roots connect us, whispering of freedom–
soon, hear us like the sea, like a tidal wave,

I used a few of Kerfe’s Random Words. It is Women’s History Month. Over the weekend I heard or read these stories (among others):

This American Life: a doctor who is thinking of leaving the state of Idaho because of the draconian abortion law, which prevents doctors from treating patients, even preventing them from giving care in life-threatening situations.

Washington Post: Divorce and remarried women in Afghanistan forced into hiding because they’re considered adulterers for leaving abusive husbands.

NPR: The covert effort to get abortion pills into Ukraine.

The GOP is still pushing for voter suppression laws, and they have prevented the passage of new Voting Rights Acts, including the For the People Act and the John R. Lewis Act. And in Florida, the governor is moving on with his fascist agenda. I imagine there will soon be statues erected and parades in his honor. Right-wing extremists (and the GOP members who enable them) are happy to keep people ignorant and fixated on fake issues. They, like extremists always have, thrive on hierarchies and fear of the other. Now, LGBTQ+ people are the others. I don’t like the term “woke,” but I’ll own it. What is the opposite, sleeping? Shouldn’t everyone in a democracy be awake (and anti-fascist)?

We watched the movie She Said about the New York Times investigative journalists Megan Twohey and Jodie Kantor and their reporting on allegations made of sexual harassment and assault made against Harvey Weinstein. I read their work when I was working on my book on sexual harassment and also Ronan Farrow’s in the New Yorker.

However, the holiday of Purim begins tonight. It is a joyous holiday—you’re supposed to drink! But it is also a story of Queen Esther and freedom. We plan to open our favorite Syrah, Blue-Eyed Boy, and eat a lot of Hamantaschen.

Democracy seems to be dying. We’re destroying our planet. And yet, there are daffodils. Spring is coming.

31 thoughts on “Spring Anthem

  1. Nature will always persevere – and survive – even if drastically changed or altered. Natural rhythms and ways. As for humans? doubtful. We are a “narrow” species.

    I like your poem – the way the observational touches upon what is rhythmic, and then poses one of the timeless questions – why are we so questing and foolish in our ways and destructions. (We are such a divisive collective of bones, sinews and tissues.) The images and words are powerful in your piece – and yet, within the contrasts, the poem speaks with a gentle grace and hope. And yes, Spring is definitely teasing itself awake. And this is yet again, something truly amazing and miraculous.

    hope you have a wonderful week Merril 🙂

  2. A lovely weekly musing, Merril. Nature just does what nature is meant to. We put so much stock into things instead of going with the flow.

    I’m thinking your whole governmental system needs to be thrown out and rebuilt. What a mess it has become.

    We want to watch She Said but I do not have access to it at this time (not without paying, that is). Sometimes I am lucky, he has it on one streaming service, and I have it on another. But not this one.

    Your curd and cookies look delicious!

  3. I love the photo of the geese flying in early morning light. I found the image comforting as it seemed a metaphor for a well-ordered world where all lives are lived as they should be.

  4. I enjoyed reading your post; the poem, commentary on our world, and celebrations, and of course the stunning images. Thank you!

  5. Our mayor just declared he’s against separation of church and state and he was anointed by God. This is a Democrat, mind you…

    The news is discouraging, but the sky is blue (at least occasionally) and we still have birds. And good food and loved ones to celebrate with. (K)

  6. I always seem to read blogs backwards. My question from the last post is answered. “from the budding trees”
    Your prose is like floating on calm waters. It’s easy to be there.
    Happy Purim!
    Happy Women’s month!

    Not happy about what seems to be the U.S.A. moving in what seems like a backwards social direction.
    Worse, it’s scary.

    I wonder if there is a place between woke and asleep, where people can reside in harmony?

    I want to see “She Said”, but I have to pay.
    I’ll get to watch it soon anyway, because of the upcoming Emmy season.

    Another fab musings, Merril. Thank you!

    • Thank you!
      Not all the trees are budding yet, but some are. I’m worried that fruit trees may bud too early.

      It is very scary. Ever scarier that too many are oblivious or don’t care.

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