Spring Came This Year

Spring Came This Year

early in February—this year
the purple crocuses
yawned and showed us golden teeth,
this year,
the daffodils joined them in unexpected yellow
against the bluest sky, and
ignored Winter’s frost-breath. A last gasp? Uncertain,
we watch the feathered-clouds fly
this year, any year.

A quadrille for dVerse. The prompt word is gasp.

73 thoughts on “Spring Came This Year

  1. This is gorgeous writing, Merril! I love those daffodils in their unexpected yellow against the bluest sky 😍😍

  2. The autumn leaves with the spring blooms do make a gasping juxtaposition. We are getting a bit of snow tonight, but not much. And our spring is not as far along as yours yet anyway. (K)

  3. Nice weather for the flowers, yours read “pretty”. We had an unwelcome freeze so only the roses are flowering yet here in southeast Texas. The tough canna lilies are about to grow enough new foliage to flower. Oleanders, dead stalks cut to the ground, are shooting up leaves. Already we are in the 80F’s.

  4. A beautiful farewell to winter and welcoming of spring… makes me yearn to see the first buds (which is over two months away in my part of Canada!).

  5. Excellent, Merril. Your poem triggered thoughts of my wife’s excitement yesterday when the local (TX) bluebonnet wildflowers suddenly showed up.

    Snow in NEPA? I grew up in that. March is for welcoming Spring.

  6. Lovely spring poem, Merril.
    I like the part where it “yawned” in.
    I wish we had some crocus and daffodils here. It must be significantly warmer where you live. Another 3 weeks – month and we should see some colour.
    Are there buds on the trees where you live?

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