My poem, “Horses,” in Acropolis Journal

I’m pleased and honored to have my poem, “Horses” in Acropolis Journal, Issue 6, “Ancient.”

My thanks to Editor Louise Mather and Guest Readers: Letitia Jiju & Matthew M.C. Smith. My poem is paired with a stunning photograph by Sylvia Santiago. I am fascinated by cave paintings and those who painted them.

​Merril D. Smith – Horses

“The day we saw the horses,

like apparitions, pale against the rocks,

time froze. . .”

You can read the rest of the poem, here. But do please check out the rest of the issue, too!

41 thoughts on “My poem, “Horses,” in Acropolis Journal

  1. Congratulations on your publication, Merril! The poem tells me that humans have always had a need to create art, from our very earliest beginnings–which gives me hope that it will always be so.

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