The Cotillion

The Cotillion

On our blue planet
a-tilt, wobbling, rotating,
and revolving,
sky-shadows shimmy
in the slanted light
of spring—

the moon-pulled tides swell
and undulate,

and above, the blue or red-shifted
stars glimmer, but
nothing ever stands still—

all dancers
in a cosmic cotillion
the never-ending-dance.

A quadrille for dVerse. Mish has given us the prompt word, “shift.”

70 thoughts on “The Cotillion

  1. Oh my, a unique take and translation of Van Gogh’s work. Especially love “sky-shadows shimmy in the slanted light of spring” and your use of “blue and red shifted”. I had a feeling you would use those. 😉

  2. Loving that last stanza! I smiled when I saw the title. Our son and his family live in North Carolina and our granddaughter (5th grade) just participated in a Cotillion – etiquette classes, dance lessons, etc. Photo of her dancing with her dad (my son), with her white gloves…so so sweet!

  3. I like your “never-ending-dance”, nothing in our universe stands still. Some shift so slowly that we can’t tell by naked eye, only instrumentation notices it in the increments.
    I wasn’t aware of your picture by Van Gogh, “Starry Night Over the Rhône.” It was one of his Rhône pieces that he painted when he lived within walking distance of the river. It won’t be my favorite of his.

    • Thank you very much, Jim! Yes, we can’t see most of the movement. And we’re all rotating around the Milky Way, too. It’s wild!

      I really love this Van Gogh, and it is actually one of my favorites. 🙂

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