Odilon Redon, The Boat


A journey–
indigo sheen above salted grey,
fish-tailed dreams scattered
in the shift of corona-glow–
the notched tally swells
as our bellies shrink,

till light-joy seeps
from the sky’s shadow-seams,
shimmering rays petal-open
in kaleidoscopic array, grounded

before us, a tapestry, a perfumed carpet
sways to wind-breathed song.
No longer lost. This garden, home.

For dVerse, where we are asked to use forms of word play.

47 thoughts on “Migration

  1. Your poem “Migration” left me spellbound. The words and phrases you used to describe the journey of migration were truly mesmerizing. The metaphorical use of “indigo sheen” and “salted grey” to depict the sky and the sea was a stroke of genius. The fish-tailed dreams scattered in the shift of corona-glow was a unique and beautiful way of describing the journey of these creatures.

    The imagery you used to describe the arrival at the destination was also breathtaking. The “shimmering rays” and “kaleidoscopic array” painted a vivid picture in my mind. And the use of “tapestry” and “perfumed carpet” to describe the scenery was simply beautiful.

    Your poem left me feeling a sense of wonder and awe. It made me reflect on the journey of life and how we all are constantly migrating towards something. Thank you for sharing your beautiful work with all of us. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜Š

      • Fascinating. Like I tell my writing students, we readers may get something totally different than what the author/poet intended – but once it’s “out there” the author/poet has no choice but to understood within the reader’s mind. (If that makes sense…) Whatever, your poems always make me think ethereally, which I love.

  2. Migration…
    Are you referring to the plight of the migrants’ when you say – “as our bellies shrink,”
    I see many walking to the garden’s light, for a new life.
    Do I read too much into the meaning of your prose. It seems deep.

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