In the Murmur of After, or Before

In the Murmur of After, or Before

Purple rocks–
a thousand dreams
lost and re-born
in a thousand storms—

what if one night
they set sail,
dazzling word-ships
flinging images to bob
like seals in waves of time—

moon-lichen, star-birds,
talking fish, and sea-flowers–
meadows filled with smiling daffodils,
and lovers, standing on bridges
that lead nowhere and everywhere.

My poem from the Oracle, and also the first Na/GloPoWriMo prompt from the Public Domain Review’s article on “The Art of Book Covers.” My poem, obviously, has nothing to do with the book itself.

36 thoughts on “In the Murmur of After, or Before

  1. I agree about the word-ships. My illustration could go easily with your words, but my words veered into different elements. Still, my words could be an “after” to yours. (K)

  2. You know what we were talking about yesterday lunchtime? Charles Kingsley’s Water Babies…
    And you’ll see what I wrote yesterday for Paul’s Day 4 poem.
    I love all the images in this, the ships and flowers and fish, and that bridge. Gorgeous.

    • Thank you!
      Wow–such an odd coincidence. I mean, I assume it’s not a book you typically discuss. No wonder, why I kept returning to the image!
      I’ve never read the book, and only know it by the title.
      I bet we chose the same image for Day 4. 🙂

  3. I don’t think I ever use the word “delightful”. I don’t really have a place for it in my vocabulary. Or at least didn’t until now. Each time I read this I just think, “wow, this is delightful”. “Lost and reborn in a thousand storms” caught me immediately… and then the voyage. Wonderful Merril.

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