NaPoWriMo-Day 2, This is the Way

This is the Way

Ghosts are the way we remember–
the salt cheese we ate
made of river fog and tears

on the beach where quahogs and oysters
opened mouths sparkling with seaweed miracles,
and we were full of longing—so much–

like the cyclops unbidden, unhidden, un-sniffed by
truffle pigs, one-eyed defeaters,
the eaters of snouts.
But we heard their songs,
pungent as cloves, flying

on owls’ wings, as
the artillery shot flowers above your head.
and made puddles at your feet,
and, you slid into their mercurial waves,
falling, falling,
now do you remember?

Today’s NaPoWriMo Prompt was to write a surrealistic poem inspired by words in the given list. We were asked to write questions about the words we chose, and then base a poems on the answers. I just used the words as a prompts for a surrealistic poem.

26 thoughts on “NaPoWriMo-Day 2, This is the Way

  1. Now that I’ve read the poem several times and reflected on it, I think it forms a coherent (albeit surrealistic) narrative, with the exception of the second line. I think my reading self is seeing a connection to River Ghosts that would come from “Ghosts are the way we remember–/made of river fog and tears,” before moving into the surreal as a variation on the river ghost theme. I love that the poem is direct address to a (presumed) lover. I think that’s what gives the poem its power.

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