Day 5, Poetry Month Ekphrastic Challenge

(Inspired by all 4 images)


The city’s walls, breached by invaders
domino-tumble, and the attackers come
with spears, or swords, or guns, or bombs—
it could be anywhere, any time

there was a gate,
a garden green, red, yellow,
an apple tree, or maybe pomegranate? Citron.
Olive. Oak. Blue skies turned ash-grey.

Perhaps there is no garden. The gate opens
to sea-cliffs, forests, palm trees, desert sands—

but there is heartbreak and heartache,
and ghosts who wander through the rubble of what was.

For Day 5 of Paul Brooke’s Poetry Month ekphrastic challenge. Today’s images inspired some wonderful poems. You can see the art and read the poems here

33 thoughts on “Day 5, Poetry Month Ekphrastic Challenge

  1. And isn’t that how memory works, sometimes? This or that remembered, jumbled between events. Lovely!
    Playing catch-up since electricity has returned!

      • My pleasure.
        So am I!! We’re celebrating Easter on Monday at my sister’s. Trying to get as many people together is not easy when one works here, the other there…

      • I hope you have a wonderful day!
        It’s hard here, too. We all live in the Philadelphia area–except our older child–but in different directions and some don’t drive.

      • Yeah, I bet. My sisters, mother and I all live close. My kids are both a 15-20 minute drive away. I would be at a loss if we were further.

      • Oh, that’s nice. Our daughter is about a half-hour drive away. Siblings all live in Pennsylvania, but only one in Philadelphia. The rest are further away. And my mother-in-law is about a 2 1/2 hour drive away.

      • Half an hour is not too bad. It’s hard to imagine, for me, people living so far! My sister and brother in law-are-looking for a place in the Eastern Townships. For me, that would be anywhere from 45 to 90 minutes away (which is not too bad).

      • No, it’s not too bad. I’d love it if younger child was a little bit closer.
        We always talk about having a compound where we’d all have our own houses. I love that, but it will never happen.

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