Degrees of Luminosity

Odilon Redon, “Ophelia”

Degrees of Luminosity

Sea-sun summers,
recall the light in falling petals

never smooth, memory or journey,
a blink,
unlike moon-time,
though maybe as rocky,

haunted by caramel sky and ghost embraces,
the what if of every storm
that also brings rain-scent–

and in the whisper of water,
the bloom of dreams,

never linear, born in blue,
breeze-swept through aeons
in endless orbits.

My poem from the Oracle.
This is a busy day in a busy week in the midst of Poetry Month. We’ll be hosting our family Passover dinner here tonight. I’ll catch up with comments and reading posts tomorrow.

21 thoughts on “Degrees of Luminosity

  1. I don’t know what I love more – your introduction of Redon to me or the beautiful poetry that you write that go with these images. Happy Pesach!

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