Day 16, Ekphrastic Challenge 2023

Inspired by OVP16, SaraFM16, BB16

Countermand the Night

I want to upend the eve,
un-reflect the sun sinking in cerulean sea,

let it rise again, as a crown
over crimson robes of an anointed ruler–

reverse time, like words seen in a mirror,
read the hours backwards—

now the crows wake,
now the fish dance in dawn’s light,
now you are here beside me still.

For Paul Brookes’ Poetry Month Ekphrastic Challenge. You can see the artwork and read the other poems here.

14 thoughts on “Day 16, Ekphrastic Challenge 2023

  1. Beautiful. The idea and images were striking “I want to upend the eve, unreflective the sun sinking in cerulean sea” (wow). The last stanza picks up the pace (and are my favourite lines of all) and then the last line gave it all meaning to hold onto.

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